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Helpful Tips for Purchasing from Farm Stands

  1. Respect the farmer’s home. Many farm stands are on farm property and may be close by the farm house. Please be respectful and avoid letting pets or children wander as there may be delicate crops, equipment and animals nearby. 

  2. Be prepared with cash and change. Many farm stands are cash-only and may use the honor system for after-hours purchases so you may not be able to receive change for larger bills from the farmer. 

  3. Bring your own bags and if produce is in a pint basket or other reusable containers, many farmers will greatly appreciate it if you return or leave those containers to be reused. 

  4. Keep in mind that different farm stands may have different hours. Many farm stands do not operate on Sundays.  

  5. Contact farmers in advance if you are unsure of their location or operating hours in inclement weather. 

  6. Shop earlier in the day when produce will be at its freshest and more variety may be available. 

  7. Wait to sample until you have a chance to rinse produce under running water as unwashed produce can play host to bacteria that can make you sick.

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