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Fresh to You - Fair to Farmers

Do you love discovering new local food options?

With our comprehensive list of farm stands, farmers markets, restaurants, and retailers that source locally grown foods, finding your next favorite meal has never been easier!

Eat Local

Whether your tastes lean towards sweet treats, fresh produce, or savory dishes, our local foods guide has something for everyone.

Shop Local

You can support your community by shopping at locally owned businesses that feature local products—all while enjoying great flavors crafted with love from your neighbors!

Jefferson County NY Map

2024  Sponsors

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This Local Food Guide was produced as a public service with funding from the sponsors listed here. 

The farms and businesses in this guide have assured us that they sell food they have raised themselves or food they have produced themselves using largely local ingredients.

In addition to their own food, these farms and businesses may also sell food that is not locally grown or produced. When shopping for local food, feel free to ask, "Did you grow this yourself?"

Taste NY
Watertown Savings Bank
Jefferson County Economic Development
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