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Local Food

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This site points you to the freshest and best tasting food - grown and produced by your neighbors. Shop at the locations listed on this site and help keep your food dollars circulating in our local economy!

Are you in the market for fresh, delicious food?

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Where is Your Milk From?

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and wondered what the numbers on your milk jug mean? 

The first two numbers range from 0-56, telling you what state the milk is from, #36 is New York. The series after the dash tells you the dairy farm it came from.

From the image to the left, the 36 means it came from NY, and 8185 means that is came from Garelick Farms LLC, which is located in Rensselaer County.

If you want to see exactly where your product is from, visit Where is my Milk From?  to type in the code!



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This Local Food Guide was produced as a public service with funding from the sponsors listed here. 

The farms and businesses in this guide have assured us that they sell food they have raised themselves or food they have produced themselves using largely local ingredients.

In addition to their own food, these farms and businesses may also sell food that is not locally grown or produced. When shopping for local food, feel free to ask, "Did you grow this yourself?"

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